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Subtitles for China in Flames (1925)

February 21 2022 03:11:06
Created by FBJ, Niffiwan, wero1000
Kitay v ⭳
Quality: good

Based on the DVD subtitles, edited/corrected by Niffiwan in 2022, with timings based on the Czech subs by wero1000 (but modified). These subs are made for the video that has been custom-cleaned of the hard-coded yellow English subtitles by Фёдор Зайцев (Fyodor Zaytsev), a good copy of which can be downloaded at magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8FDA08616170AFFA749768313DB45850D618599A (magnet link). This video source seems to be the best currently available. It even moves the title card that was at 4:50 in the DVD release ("В ГАВАНЯХ ЗАХВАЧЕННЫХ У КИТАЯ... / IN THE PORTS SEIZED FROM CHINA) into its proper place to 10:16.

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