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Subtitles for Forward March, Time! (1977)

August 23 2022 05:00:24
Created by FBJ, Niffiwan, wero1000
Vperyod, ⭳
Quality: ok

These are based on the 1990s retail DVD subtitles, but with some sections corrected (in particular, Tsar Nicholas II's speech, which had been incorrectly translated). The timings are based on the 2017 Czech subs, but with many adjustments. It was not possible to reproduce the original visual offsets of the verses, unfortunately. The translation of Mayakovsky's verse (which is notoriously difficult to translate) is done quite decently in a lot of places, even with the rhymes sometimes kept, though it still loses a lot of its effect. It is possible that it originally comes from some published English translation.

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