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Subtitles for Winter in Prostokvashino (1984)

September 07 2022 06:57:13
Created by Evangelisto, Jooler, mykstery, Niffiwan
Zima v ⭳
Quality: good

Originally translated at Notabenoid in 2011, but with plenty of errors. Translation heavily revised by Niffiwan in 2022. This one was particularly difficult to translate in some spots because of some rather language-specific idioms (e.g. at the 8-minute mark).

The cat's name, "Matroskin", means "Sailor". The dog's name, "Sharik", means ball or balloon and is a common dog name much like "Fido". The village "Prostokvashino" is named after the dairy drink Prostokvasha - soured milk. The closest analogue that is sold in Anglo countries seems to be "buttermilk", which is why the village's name is sometimes translated as "Buttermilk Village".

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