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Subtitles for I Am Armenian Too (2000)

April 14 2024 14:32:01
Created by Niffiwan, parizani
Yes el yem ⭳
Quality: good

A joint effort between Niffiwan and parizani (about 50% each).

Song lyrics and descriptions of non-comprehensible speaking are in italics.

Some explanatory notes are added to the subtitles in a few places, such as what the Nairit chemical plant was.

"FLOWERS" at 4:43 and "SUNFLOWER SEEDS" at 5:08 are slang terms.

The "FASTSTOPCRANE" line at 3:30 is a satire of the mass-translation period. At some point, some linguists started to translate common international words into Armenian... the "FASTSTOPCRANE" is not a word and is a literal translation of Armenian version which is also not a word...

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