The Bathtub (Ванна, 1986) by Yuriy Butyrin

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The Bathtub
Vanna (ru)
Bồn tắm (vi)

Year 1986
Director(s) Butyrin Yuriy
Studio(s) Ekran
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Comedy
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:00:58
Wordiness 7.35 profile Ru, En
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Date: July 09 2022 02:02:30
Language: English
Quality: good
Upload notes:
Creator(s): Cynir, Niffiwan
Date: May 25 2022 06:19:36
Language: Vietnamese
Quality: unknown
Upload notes:
Creator(s): Cynir

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A short public service skit about conserving water, featuring the Wolf and Hare from the "You Just Wait" series.

This is an example of the very short, simple "PSA"-type assignments that some animation directors of the late Soviet era had to do from time to time, especially at Ekran studio (which was the official TV animation studio). Often, they would be interspersed with the actual "artistic" works that those same directors made, and often there wouldn't be much in common between them. These would often use popular characters from well-known cartoons to deliver some sort of simple message, often a particular initiative of the government - in this case, the Hare and the Wolf from the "You Just Wait" (Nu, pogodi!) series, although drawn in a different style.



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