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Mihail Zaytsev

Зайцев Михаил Георгиевич

1959 - profile: Ru, En


Born: January 23, 1959

Studied at the Leningrad Technological Institute (1976-81). He worked at NPO Plastmass (1981-82), at Soyuzmultfilm studio (1982-84), then at Ekran (1984-2000). At the same time, in 1989-92, he was the author of environmental television segments produced by the Triada TV channel. In 1994-95, he was the chairman of the expert council on cinema under the Moscow government. Created a computer game based on his earlier cartoons about captain Pronin. Author of 14 crime and science fiction novels, among them: "Smile of a Bull Terrier" (1998), "Lynx in a Trap" (1998), "Hour of the Tiger" (2003), "Tough Contract" (2003). Certified instructor of Chinese wushu gymnastics.

(Biography is from the Encyclopedia of Domestic Animation, via


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