The Pilot Brothers Drink Tea in the Evenings (Братья Пилоты по вечерам пьют чай, 1996) by Valeriy Kachayev and Andrey Kolpin

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The Pilot Brothers Drink Tea in the Evenings
Братья Пилоты по вечерам пьют чай
Bratya Piloty po vecheram pyut chay (ru)

Year 1996
Director(s) Kachayev Valeriy
Kolpin Andrey
Studio(s) Pilot
Language(s) German
Genre(s) Comedy
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:05:18
Wordiness 18.38 profile Ru, En
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Bratya Piloty po vecheram pyut
Date: January 05 2023 18:20:19
Language: English
Quality: ok
Upload notes: 207 characters long (view)
Creator(s): Niffiwan, Teenator

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This film is part of the The Koloboks / Pilot Brothers series.


The Pilot Brothers receive a phone call from somewhere in the Sahara.

Some of Karbofoss's German ranting is left untranslated in the subtitles. If you know German and can help decipher it, please do so!



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