Fusspot in Africa (Мурзiлка в Африцi, 1934) by Yevgeniy Gorbach and Semyon Guyetskiy

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Fusspot in Africa
Мурзiлка в Африцi
Murzilka v Afrytsi (uk)
Мурзилка в Африке (ru)
Murzilka sang Phi châu (vi)

Year 1934
Director(s) Gorbach Yevgeniy
Guyetskiy Semyon
Studio(s) Ukrainfilm
Language(s) Ukrainian
Genre(s) Comedy
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:11:17
Wordiness 1.08
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A group of Soviet children, together with Murzilka ("Fusspot"), go to Africa to free the Negro girl Kane from captivity. Overcoming difficulties and obstacles, they wrest Kane from the grip of the oppressor-colonizer.

Until recently, the film was considered lost until it was found and posted on YouTube by the user Dmitry Korneyev. Now it is in the State Film Fund of the Russian Federation.



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