Grandpa Frost and the Grey Wolf (Дед Мороз и серый волк, 1937) by Olga Hodatayeva

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Grandpa Frost and the Grey Wolf
Father Frost and the Gray Wolf
Дед Мороз и серый волк
Ded Moroz i seryy volk (ru)

Year 1937
Director(s) Hodatayeva Olga
Studio(s) Soyuzmultfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Christmas/New Year
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:11:20
Wordiness 7.98 profile Ru, En
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Ded Moroz i seryy
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Ded Moroz i seryy
Date: December 25 2021 08:59:30
Language: Russian
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While Grandpa Frost is off getting a New Year's fir tree for the forest animals, the Grey Wolf pretends to be him and kidnaps a little hare to eat.

This cartoon is notable for being the very first appearance of Granda Frost (Ded Moroz) in Soviet animated history, coming the year after the New Year's holiday was created to largely replace the former Christmas holiday. The character himself was partly modeled on the Western Santa Claus, and partly on the traditional Russian personification of the winter's cold (hence his name).

There also exists a colour version of this film that was released in 1938. Kept in the Russian state film archive, it was scanned and restored in 2013, and premiered at the "Belyye stolby" festival on Feb 25, 2014. It does not seem to be accessible online, however.



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