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Adventures in the Emerald City
Приключения в Изумрудном городе
Priklyucheniya v Izumrudnom gorodye (ru)


An animated adaptation of the first two of L. Frank Baum's Oz books, made by Melnitsa studio in 1999-2000. The original plan was to adapt all 14 of the Oz books, but the series stopped after the 2nd book (the 4th episode).

It is also influenced a little by Aleksandr Volkov's Wizard of the Emerald City, a Russian-language retelling of Oz (which, after the first book, has its own entirely separate series of sequels).

The story follows a girl named Dolly (a combination of the two names, Dorothy, which was what Baum called his heroine, and Ellie, which is what Volkov called Dorothy in his retelling).

There was initially going to be an English dub, but that never materialized.

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