The Dragonfly and the Ant (Стрекоза и муравей, 1913) by Ladislas Starevich

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The Dragonfly and the Ant
Стрекоза и муравей
Strekoza i muravey (ru)
Kobylka a mravenec (cs)
La Libélula y la Hormiga (es)

Year 1913
Director(s) Starevich Ladislas
Studio(s) A. Hanzhonkov and Co.
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Literature (non-Rus./USSR)
Literature (Rus./East Slavic)
Animation Type(s)  Puppet
Length 00:04:51
Wordiness 2.86 profile Ru, En
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The ant works hard all summer long, while the dragonfly has fun. But then winter comes.

Inspired by Ivan Krylov’s Fable The Dragonfly & the Ant (1808), which is itself inspired by The Grasshopper and the Ant (1668-1694) by Jean de La Fontaine, which is itself inspired by a story in Aesop's Fables (620-564 BC).



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