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Ladislas Starevich

Starevich Vladislav, Starewitch Ladislas
Старевич Владислав Александрович, Starewicz Władysław

1882 - 1965 profile: Ru, En


Born in Moscow, the second-largest city of the Russian Empire, to Polish parents, Starevich was a pioneer of stop motion puppet animation. He made his first animated film in 1910 while he was director of the Museum of Natural History in Kaunas, Lithuania. He moved to Moscow the following year and made some two dozen animated puppet films before 1917, typically using dead insects. These were very popular, and even won him a decoration from the Russian Tsar.

After the Russian Revolution, Starevich moved to France and continued making animated puppet films until his death.

Over 7 hours of his films are preserved (both animation and live action), but most of them are rarely seen today.


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