The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats (Волк и семеро козлят, 1938) by Sarra Mokil

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The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats
Волк и семеро козлят
Volk i semero kozlyat (ru)
Вовк і семеро козенят (uk)
Sói và bảy dê non (vi)

Year 1938
Director(s) Mokil Sarra
Studio(s) Mosfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Comedy
Folklore & myth (Rus./East Slavic)
Animation Type(s)  Puppet
Length 00:13:08
Wordiness 7.7 profile Ru, En
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Volk i semero
Date: July 10 2023 08:51:22
Language: English
Quality: ok
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Volk i semero
Date: November 28 2023 05:47:30
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Volk i semero
Date: November 28 2023 09:57:48
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Volk i semero
Date: December 19 2023 20:18:11
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A goat asks her seven kids not to open the door to anyone, especially the wolf who's trying to trick them and steal them away. Based on the Russian folk tale.

This was the fourth animated film to be released by Mosfilm that used the Soviet colour film method of Pavel Mershin. It premiered in June 1938, and restored from the colour-separated negatives by Gosfilmofond in 2011.

Please note that both the Russian transcription and the English subtitles are uncertain in a few spots - if anyone can help with that, please do.




Though this has its charms (escaping from the wolf's belly with scissors is... novel), I prefer the 1950s animated adaptation. I also think that Sarra Mokil's earlier puppet films were better (she apparently made one more after this, but it doesn't seem to be online anywhere).



Great find, Niffiwan, I've been looking for this animation of years, ever since I saw it had been restaurated!

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I'm glad you could finally see it! Cynir was the one who found it, actually - it's been on the site since April. But it only just appeared on the main page since I only just now translated it (even though I still can't make out a few lines). There are some other interesting videos on that Youtube channel that I've been adding to the site, with my favourite so far being a nice copy of the 1948 The Hunting Rifle, though the colour versions of 1938's Ivashko and Baba-Yaga and Puss in Boots were also really nice.

The "holy grail" as far as I'm concerned now would be the colour version of the 1943 Tale of Tsar Saltan. As far as I can tell, it seems to be done and premiered at the "Belyye stolby" film festival in 2020, but it hasn't been seen anywhere since. I think it's actually quite a good film and it would be a real treasure if that could be seen.



This story still remains topical to these days. It seems that as the quality of life improves, the method of educating self-defense awareness becomes increasingly poor. In 2022, in a large city of Southern Vietnam, a rather unreasonable robbery occurred, but when I saw what happened, so I exclaimed that : This is the phenomenon of The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats. In the security clip, an intruder knocks on the door and threatens to force two children to give him the iPad. It must also be known that that morning their parents went to work and left them in the motel room. Đồng Nai ("deer-field") is an industrialized metropolis, where most residents are migrant workers and have very low incomes. The event also speaks to the seriousness of dependence on technology, because now Vietnam's Ministry of Education is also very worried about this issue.

However, that is still just a small problem and can be forgiven, but what about more complex issues such as : Sexual abuse, labor abuse and especially the use of force against children ? In the last days of 2023, there were at least three events that shocked Vietnamese society and even caused parliamentarians to question the Minister of Education :

1. Poisoning at school : A principal was suspended for 15 days for skimping on rations, causing every 2 students to eat the same small packet of instant noodles ; Some schools have had a series of students having to go to the emergency room after eating lunch ; Many students had stomachaches after buying snacks outside the schoolgate, some of which were found to contain drug powder.

2. A parent blocked the street and beat his son's classmate, forcing the schoolboy to go to the emergency room with a very serious brain condition.

3. A music teacher was locked in class by students, whom used disparaging words and then beat her until she fainted.

This is just a summary, because the real situation is much more serious and complicated. What I always think about is, what is the point of books still being sold on the streets, when no one wants to read them and if they do, they won't understand them ?


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