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Moscow Cinema Factory, Goskino (3rd factory), Moskinokombinat, Goskino (1st factory), Rosfilm, Soyuzkino, Soyuzfilm, Sovkino
Совкино, Госкино (1-я фабрика), Мосфильм, Росфильм, Союзфильм, Москинокомбинат, Союзкино, Госкино (3-я фабрика), Московская кино-фабрика profile: Ru, En

Mosfilm's origins go back to A. Hanzhonkov and Co., a studio for the creation and distribution of films that was founded in the Russian Empire in 1906, under which Ladislas Starevich made his first animated puppet films. In 1912, that studio built a film production factory in Moscow in Zamoskvorechye on Zhitnaya street. After the Revolution, this factory was nationalized and renamed into the 1st factory of Goskino (1923), which seems to have made no animated films (Starevich had already emigrated to France, where he remained for the rest of his life). In 1926, it was merged with the 3rd factory of Goskino (which had made one animated film) and renamed to Sovkino (1, 2). More name-changes followed: Soyuzkino (1930), Rosfilm (1932), Soyuzfilm (1933), Moskinokombinat (1934) (also Moscow Cinema Factory, aka. Московская кино-фабрика) and finally Mosfilm (1935). After the 1930s, the studio stopped making animation.

Goskino (Kultkino) seems to have been an entirely different studio.

Please note that due to all this confusion, has a different entry for the studio for each of its names (sometimes even more than one per name). The default link above is only for its production after 1935, while the links in the previous paragraph go to its earlier filmography.


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