Three Blokes (Три панька, 1989) by Yefrem Pruzhanskiy

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Three Blokes
Три панька
Три паньки
Tri panka (ru)
Try panky (uk)

Year 1989
Director(s) Pruzhanskiy Yefrem
Studio(s) Kievnauchfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Comedy
Domestic life
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:10:24
Wordiness 12.4 profile Ru, En
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Date: December 09 2023 17:01:26
Language: English
Quality: ok
Upload notes: 300 characters long (view)
Creator(s): Niffiwan

Date: January 05 2021 19:27:08
Language: Russian
Quality: unknown
Upload notes: 77 characters long (view)
Creator(s): konst1

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A funny Ukrainian tale about three brothers who do everything wrong.

The film was released in both Russian and Ukrainian. The first video link above is the Russian version, scanned from 35mm film by Андрей кинокрут for the RuTracker animation scanning project. The second is the Ukrainian version, but the image quality of it is much worse.

The subtitles are currently for the Russian version, and don't always match up to the timings of the Ukrainian version (plus the script is a little different).




This happens to be the 100th film of this studio added to! I think it's a pretty fun one. There were also two sequels.



This film belongs to the group of myths about mentally retarded persons. Because of that stupidity, they easily break all social rules to achieve things that normal men cannot discover. In some ways, these characters are social reformers, but of course the societies are too conservative and backward like the countryside or theocracy. In other words, films and stories like this aim to criticize a society that is slow to develop compared to its time. It's a fact that the further East we go, the more stupid idols there are.

Let's talk about Arab, North and Southeast Asian societies, folklore mainly describes very cunning or very foolish men, but very few harmonious characters. This film is an example : The Adventures of the Idiot. It is based on a very famous folktale, about an idiot who keeps getting lucky because of his naivety. However, unlike the film, the idiot ended up being torn to pieces by the tiger couple because he once tried to stop them from competing for prey.


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