The Borderline (Межа, 1967) by Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin

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The Borderline
The Boundary
Mezha (ru)
Đường biên (vi)
Luống cày (vi)

Year 1967
Director(s) Kotyonochkin Vyacheslav
Studio(s) Soyuzmultfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Comedy
Literature (Rus./East Slavic)
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:19:27
Wordiness 10.02 profile Ru, En
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Cartoon adaptation of a Russian folk tale of the same name. The story is about a soldier named Kuzma trying to stop the king and the dragon from ruining his native village.




This story skillfully explained a heroic period of Russian history, that is, the time before the Romanov dynasty began. Zmey Gorynych not only represents pre-Christian religions, but it also means the nations settled in the East of Moskva, whom were always a threat to the Rus' courts. The soldier returning to his home is a modification of the idols from epics. Of course, for the principle of socialist realism, he was also the voice of the common people, in opposition to the tsar - that is, the ruling class.

East Asian literature has very few characters like this, because Asians - especially those in the Sinosphere - have a very poor attitude towards cultural exchange. However, I can still tell a story that is quite famous in Vietnamese popular literature. It is said to have originated in my home province. It is the story of an ordinary farmer who dares to challenge both God and the spirit world. However, his victory was only due to his own cunning and the corruption from the ruling class. Even the name shows some personality : Cường Bạo ("healthy" + "recklessness").


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