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Iosif Douksha

Доукша Иосиф Осипович

1928 - 2010 profile: Ru, En


Maya Buzinova and her husband Iosif (Joseph) Douksha were a husband-and-wife team of directors. Their films are in the first place colorful, charming and smooth fairy tales of great beauty.

In the Ekran directors' collective they form an exceptional class of their own. Both started their career at Soyuzmultfilm in 1961 as animators . They always worked together, and jointly stepped over to the Soyuzmultfilm puppet association in 1964 and from there to Ekran in 1978 until their last film in 1991, The Nightingale, The 4th of a series of H.C. Andersen tales they filmed in 1980, 1988, 1990 and 1991.

They always were directors as well as animators of their films at Ekran. Never art-directors or writers.
The exceptional beauty of many of their films is also due to an art-director of equally exceptional quality: Galina Beda (b. 1946) with whom they worked from 1984 until 1990, after which she became director herself, at Ekran, and later at Christmasfilms and Animouse.

Having started their career, graduated from art school and then first educated from 1956 onward at Soyuzmultfilm as animators, where they met and fell in love, their professional career lasted from 1961 until 1991 - they worked 30 years after which you can apply for a pension in Russia. But they stopped in 1992 because Iosif fell ill (diabetes-related).
Smoother and more harmonious than that you can’t have a career and life together in Russian animation, or anywhere else. Starting in the Hrushchyov era, stopping at the end of the Soviet Union before it became a complex chaos in the animation world where Soyuzmultfilm fell apart and Ekran was closed down. That harmony and smoothness breathes through all their animations. There’s a nice interview with Maya from 2019 here. It's in Russian, but quite well-readable in Google Translate.

- Biography written by Eus347, lightly edited


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