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At the Back of the Class
На задней парте
Na zadney partye (ru)


Olga Znaykina, an excellent student, and Boris Leykin, a bad student, sit next to each other in the back row. Olya dreams of turning Leykin into an excellent student, but (at least at first) he continues to be a loser and mischievous.

The series was meant for school children and introduced a number of subjects in an engaging, imaginative manner. More information can be found on the Russian Wikipedia.

A note about the nicknames that the kids call each other: Boris's nickname for Olga is "Zaznaykina" - a combination of her actual surname and "zaznayka", a school-yard insult similar to the English "Poindexter". Olga's nickname for Boris is "Barmaleykin", a combination of his actual surname and the character "Barmaley" from Chukovskiy's children's poem, a wicked buccaneer who steals and eats children (see, for example, this 1941 cartoon).

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