I Shall Give You This Star (Дарю тебе звезду, 1974) by Fyodor Hitruk

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I Shall Give You This Star
I Shall Give You a Star
Giving You This Star
Дарю тебе звезду
Daryu tebye zvezdu (ru)
Daruji ti hvězdu (cs)
Mi donacas al vi la stelon (eo)
Te daré una estrella (es)
Te doy una estrella (es)
Kingin sulle tähe (et)
Anh cho em một vì sao (vi)

Year 1974
Director(s) Hitruk Fyodor
Studio(s) Soyuzmultfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Comedy
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:09:08
Wordiness 5.75
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A comedic tale of how Man serenaded Woman through the ages, from the past to the far future, and of how little things really changed.

The second video is in the original frame rate, upscaled by a fan to 4K resolution.

1975, Cannes XXVIII - Special Jury Prize
1976, USSR State Award to the director (for this film and hisWinnie the Pooh series).



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