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The Return of the Prodigal Parrot
Возвращение блудного попугая
Vozvrashcheniye bludnogo popugaya (ru)


A series about a parrot named Kesha (or Innocentius, as he likes to call himself). He's an egoist, addicted to TV and pop culture, likes to show off and is prone to having tantrums and getting himself into trouble. Each episode typically begins with him escaping from his owner and ends with him returning back home after getting into trouble.

The main three shorts were made between 1984-1988. Three more shorts were directed by Aleksandr Davydov between 2002-2006, but they did not attain the popularity of the first three.

An interesting analysis about how the character of Kesha was a typically Perestroika-era phenomenon can be read here (in Russian).

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