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Iosif Boyarskiy

Боярский Иосиф Яковлевич

1917 - 2008 profile: Ru, En


Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia. Outstanding administrator, film organizer, head of the animation department at the Higher Courses for Directors and Scriptwriters. Perhaps most famous for being one of the creators of the Creative Association of Puppet Films at Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow, and its director from 1962-1979, a time during which beloved films such as "Mitten", "Cheburashka", "My Green Crocodile", and "38 Parrots" were created. He was one of the first directors of television and film advertising, and the first director of a fashion show in the USSR using film projection.

He also directed animated films himself for several years, though he ultimately found it almost impossible to both direct his own films and be the head of the department at the same time. These included the experimental cartoons "The Flying Proletarian" (based on newspaper clippings) and "A Banal Story" (the characters in the film were boots and shoes), as well as the popular films "About a Goat" and "Magic Lake".

In 1938 he graduated from the 1st Leningrad State Technical University, and in 1943-44 he studied at the Zhukovsky Air Force Academy. In 1952 he graduated from VGIK (the All-Union Institute of Cinematography).

1938-43 and 1944-46 - teacher of flight theory and technology at the military academy in Uralsk.
1946-48 - deputy director of "Soyuzdetfilm" studio.
1949-50 - deputy department head of Glavpromtekhsnab.
1950-51 - senior administrator of the Yerevan film studio (Armenfilm), then the Kuibyshev film studio
1952-57 - production director at the Sverdlovsk film studio.
1956-58 - director of the film department of the USSR Ministry of Transport Construction.
1958-60 - director of the film laboratory of Rozorgreklama of the Ministry of Trade of the RSFSR (responsible for commercials).

1960-62 and 1979-80 - animated film director at "Soyuzmultfilm" studio.
1962-79 – director of puppet film division at "Soyuzmultfilm".
1980+ - Dean of the Animation Faculty of the Higher Courses for Directors and Scriptwriters.

Since the 90s, together with the School-Studio "SHAR", he helped prepare course and diploma films for students of the Higher Courses for Directors and Screenwriters for distribution.


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