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Sovkino (Leningrad), Soyuzkino (Leningrad), Rosfilm (Leningrad)
Ленфильм, Ленинградская фабрика «Совкино», Ленинградская фабрика «Союзкино», Ленинградская фабрика «Росфильм» profile: Ru, En

The studio changed name frequently in its early years: Leningrad factory of Sovkino (1926), L.f. of Soyuzkino (1930), L.f. of Rosfilm (1932), L.f. of Soyuzfilm (1933) and Lenkinokombinat (1934) (no animated films seems to have been released under those two names), Lenfilm (1934 to present). has separate entries for each of the earlier names of the studio.


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