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Hedgehog in the Fog
Ёжик в тумане
Yozhik v tumanye (ru)
Erizo en la niebla (es)
Ouriço no Nevoeiro (pt)
Le Hérisson dans le brouillard (fr)
Der Igel im Nebel (de)
Igelchen im Nebel (de)

Year 1975
Director(s) Norshteyn Yuriy
Studio(s) Soyuzmultfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Literature (Rus./East Slavic)
Animation Type(s)  Cutout
Length 00:10:29
Wordiness 7.53 profile Ru, En
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Yozhik v
Date: March 06 2021 05:31:43
Language: German
Quality: unknown
Upload notes: 183 characters long (view)
Creator(s): Olga Ente, Niffiwan, B xFr

Yozhik v
Date: March 16 2017 06:16:28
Language: English
Quality: good
Upload notes: 128 characters long (view)
Creator(s): ?

Yozhik v
Date: February 07 2015 10:59:48
Language: Spanish
Quality: unknown
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Creator(s): ?

Yozhik v
Date: August 16 2013 21:59:30
Language: French
Quality: unknown
Upload notes: 87 characters long (view)
Creator(s): Cadiot, ?

Yozhik v
Date: July 06 2014 07:04:35
Language: Portuguese
Quality: unknown
Upload notes: 164 characters long (view)
Creator(s): ?

Yozhik v
Date: May 04 2007 05:52:54
Language: Russian
Quality: ok
Upload notes: 44 characters long (view)
Creator(s): Mustafa

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A hedgehog decides to explore the fog and becomes lost in it.

Winner of many international awards and much acclaim.

The first video is in 24fps, the original frame rate. The second video is 25fps, but has a sharper image.



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