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Mountain of Gems
Гора самоцветов
Gora samotsvetov (ru)
Bảo thạch sơn (vi)
La Montaña de Gemas (es)
宝石山 (zh)


A long-running series consisting of ~13-minute renditions of the folk tales of the various nationalities that live in Russia and former Soviet states. A grand project that united many artists, a wide range of styles and animation techniques, from traditional and computer animation to puppet and plasticine animation.

Produced by Pilot Studio and initiated by the studio's founder Aleksandr Tatarskiy (1950-2007). In the fast paced story-telling tempo the influence of Tatarskiy as initiator, producer, artistic director is undeniable, certainly in the first season. Tatarskiy died of a heart attack halfway through the 4th season, but the series went on long after that.

Every episode begins with a different plasticine-animated introduction of the region the fairytale comes from, all of which were directed by Sergey Merinov (but on this site, he is only credited as director if he directed the full film, to make it easier to find those).

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